How do you make 5-0 Overnight Oats?

Just pour 8oz milk or milk substitute into your shaker cup, add a pack of 5-0 Overnight Oats, shake, and refrigerate before bed. In the morning, your breakfast will be waiting. Just give it another quick shake and you're ready to go!

 How long should I let 5-0 Overnight Oats soak before eating it?

We recommend allowing them to fully absorb your choice of liquid in the fridge for 7-9 hours. That said, it still tastes great after about 2-3 hours if you find yourself in a pinch! 

 What kind of milk is best to use with 5-0 Overnight Oats?

We like it with all kinds of milk. We've tried it with dairy, almond, oat, coconut, etc. They all impact the flavor and consistency in their own way, and all are delicious. 

 Can I use water?

No. Adding water to your oats really takes away the taste. Would you add water to a milkshake or cereal? Nope.

 Can I eat 5-0 Overnight Oats warm?

Of course! 5-0 Overnight Oats are delicious hot. We suggest activating it overnight as usual then warming it in the microwave or on the stovetop in the morning. As of late, others have started cooking them into pancakes and muffins! Yum!

 How long do 5-0 Overnight Oats last after preparation?

We recommend consuming them within 24-36 hours. If you don’t, they will be really mushy. 

 What is 5-0 Overnight Oats shelf life when dry?

Please refer to the 'use by' date on the back of the packet.

 What's the Consistency of 5-0 Overnight Oats?

That all depends on how long you let your oats soak.  For shorter soaks, you may need to do a little more chewing if the oats aren’t fully hydrated. No matter how you prepare them they are a delicious start to your morning, lunch, dinner or even a snack.

 Are 5-0 Overnight Oats gluten free?

Yes! 5-0 Overnight Oats are gluten free and organic. 

 Will I lose weight using 5-0 Overnight Oats?

It’s possible. With an overall healthy diet including 5-0 Overnight Oats in the mix. Each pack is filled with protein and fiber to help you fuel your morning and keep you full for several hours.

 How many Weight Watchers points?

Based on our ingredients and calculations our oats will cost you between 7-9 WW points per serving.

 How about the calories and macros?

For full nutritional information, we have provided a nutrition facts label in the photos of all our flavors. It may be beneficial to refer to this due to the small print on our actual oat packs.

 How long does shipping take?

We do our best to ship orders within 2-3 business days of them being placed. The transit time generally takes another 2 business days. So anywhere from 4-5 days to receive a package is standard!

 What shipping carrier do you use?

We use USPS and UPS for most of our shipments.

 Do you accept returns?

Yes! Although it's not really a return.  If for some reason you really dislike a particular flavor, we will allow you to replace it with another flavor of your choosing via a store credit/gift card. If you have multiple flavors in this instance, we would like you to send the remainder back to us for the same store credit.  

We will offer refunds/exchanges for damaged products and will ask for a photo for our records.

 Does 5-0 ship internationally?

5-0 Overnight Oats does not currently ship internationally. If you reside outside the US, feel free to drop us a line and let us know where you’d like us to start shipping to next. We do however intend on offering shipping to Canada soon.

 How do 5-0 Overnight Oats compare in cost to other brands?

We are a little more expensive than other brands.  But take into consideration the quality of the ingredients. We use primarily organic ingredients in our oats which are more expensive to produce but you end up with a purer unadulterated final product.

 How do I get a free shaker cup?

We include a free shaker cup with all first-time purchases of at least 12 packs of our oats. 

 What's different from making my own?

It's all about convenience.  Who wants to purchase all the individual ingredients when you can just grab a pack of 5-0 Overnight Oats? Depending on the types of ingredients that you may choose to make your own it just doesn’t make economic sense to do it yourself. With that said, you can always add extra ingredients to personalize your oats like fresh fruit, nuts, or whatever you're in the mood for.


We don’t currently offer a subscription option. The reason being is we don’t want to make our customers feel obligated to receive a package they don’t need or want based on a schedule. In the future if there is enough interest, we may consider a subscription service.